How One Man is Making His Workplace a Happy Environment

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November’s Do The Right Thing Nominee received over 50 nominations. His name is Bruce and he works at Smith’s Marketplace. Here is what others have to say about him: 
Bruce Butcher is more than a manager at our favorite Smith’s Marketplace! He is a friend, leader, problem solver, confidant, angel, and all around wonderful person. He says “he doesn’t have customers he has friends” and he definitely makes us all feel like friends. He is such a wonderful example for all of us and has built/is building an amazing community of people who are inspired to be like he is. Bruce is filled with so much love and compassion for people in general and is so selfless. If you’re looking for someone who gives to the community every chance he gets you have found your man! Bruce Butcher is a one in a million kind of guy and deserves this award and many more.
I think Bruce butcher should win this. He is such a great asset to our community. He is a local assistant manager at Smith’s. Marketplace in West Jordan. He is an amazingly giving person who will go without too give to another. He thrives on making everyone smile. His goal is to meet everyone in his community. Grocery shopping has a different feel to it, he knows almost everyone’s names. He makes you feel like family. I don’t think he sleeps much. People constantly have needs from him, and he just smiles and does what he can. I wish more people were like Bruce. He should win being one of the best human examples of love!
Bruce is one of the most humble and loving people I know. He is the Assistant Manager at the Smiths grocery store on 5600 W. 7800S..He is always (on a daily basis) arranging contests to help the patrons of his store stretch their budgets. He will even take money out of his own pocket to buy gifts for his contests. Those of us that know Bruce are blessed to call him friend. He even plays his trumpet for your birthday. During the month of December he does mini concerts for the holidays. Although many people are deserving of this recognition I along with many others Bellerive tasty Brice deserted it more!
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