How moms and primary care givers are getting the break they deserve

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Moms are pivotal in caring for their children especially when they suffer from disabilities. Moms can soothe a child’s distress in the moment, they can help regulate a child’s emotions, and prevent them from going too high or too low.

Some children have hidden or invisible disabilities: disabilities that aren’t immediately physically apparent. If someone uses a wheelchair, or is visually impaired, it can be easier to understand the difficulties they might face and to support them. But children with “hidden” impairments genuinely need extra attention because their impairments are more difficult to spot and they’re hard to comprehend for many people. It is important that moms take responsibility for their children’s emotional as well as physical health when dealing with these hidden disabilities.

It can be exhausting dealing with hidden disabilities such as RAD, ODD, PTSD, ADHD, FASD, ASD, dyslexia, sensory processing, digestive issues and many other physical ailments not readily visual. As moms of these children they know it is a 24/7-365 labor of love. They can’t simply leave them with a sitter or take off for a family vacation. Life takes a lot of planning and they have to change the definitions of success and love.

An organization called, From a Mom Back to Me, hosts a biannual event with a goal of taking moms out of their daily routine and trauma. These moms go out of their way everyday to provide unmatched care for their children and now it’s time to relax and get reenergized. The event gives these super moms a chance to get pampered and cared for the same way they do all year round.

“This really is such an amazing experience. The women are wonderful and there is no judgement or cattiness just ladies that get how tough real life is and want to enjoy a weekend of massages, good food, and pampering,” says Krissy Scoresby, founder of From a Mom Back to Me.

During the event they don’t promote any therapies, talk about how to manage their children’s issues – they just take the time to refill their personal pitchers. They are completely inclusive, don’t turn anyone away. They have moms come who are simply overwhelmed with life and need to feel loved and rejuvenated.

The next event is coming up on October 25th and 26th! ​Its for moms of children with invisible disabilities/special needs.

To find out more about the event visit From a Mom Back to Me or to get tickets visit

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