How millennials are impacting the workforce

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Utah has one of the highest millennial populations of any state in the country. Spencer Coleman, Owner of Signarama in Heber City came by our studio to discuss millennials bringing their passion into the workforce.

As many members of this generation enter the job market, a fair deal are becoming business owners and quickly setting their sights on principals that have become synonymous with their age group, including strengthened community relations, environmental involvement, and public rebranding.

These days, public perception of a brand is more telling of a company’s success than ever before. While many established businesses are too far gone to change course and reassess how the public views them, new businesses and younger business owners are making their public reputation a core tenant of their founding.

There’s a variety of reasons that millennials have been the largest generation group in Utah for years now, and a large one is their attraction to the scenic beauty and outdoor lifestyle that the state affords. In fact, the millennial generation as a whole places a larger degree of importance on protecting the environment than the generations dating before them. Coleman and his team is taking part in that by focusing on solar power in their company.

Many businesses are trying to bridge the gap between generations. Coleman described that companies can do this by spending time with their employees and getting to know them.

Coleman emphasizes that each generation has something to offer. The important thing is to meld that knowledge together and watch the magic happen.

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