How Kristen Stewart felt about putting on a replica of Diana’s wedding dress

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  • On GTU this morning – Actress Kristen Stewart’s experience putting on a nearly identical replica of Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress was not as exciting as one might hope. “Putting that on was a spooky day,” the actress, 31, told “Entertainment Tonight” on the red carpet at the “Spencer” premiere this week. Stewart, who portrays the late Princess Diana in the film, added that the wedding dress scene is embedded into a “montage” of several moments that flash before her eyes — including her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. “Even though I play her as a speculatively 29, 30-year-old person, we still wanted to give a taste of the scope of her life,” the actress shared. “Kind of touch on every part.” The film is out Friday, November 5th.
  • Plus, it was a big Halloween weekend for celebrities. When it comes to the spooky season, celebrities do it up right! Stars from coast to coast went big on their Halloween costumes this year, and took to social media to show off their incredible costumes. We’ll show you how Chrissy Tiegen, Aaron Rodgers, Hailey Bieber and more celebrated the season.
  • And Ed Sheeran is back with his fourth solo album, Equals, and it’s adding up to his continued theme of math symbols for album titles. The singer originally announced his new 14-track album during an Instagram Live session back in August. He also previously shared the album’s track list in a post teasing a few of his singles, including songs “Bad Habits” and “Visiting Hours,” the latter of which he finished for his friend Michael, who died earlier this year. Just a few short hours after the album dropped on Oct. 29, he celebrated its release by sharing a touching post on his Instagram page. “This is my favourite album I’ve made, I’m so proud of it,” he wrote in a caption, along with a photo of himself holding up a vinyl copy of his new album.
  • Finally, in the digital age, swiping left and right on dating apps has totally surpassed more traditional ways of finding “the one” – and became even more popular during the pandemic. With recent reports that artificial intelligence could have a major impact on the dating world, it’s not hard to believe that some couples are now using sites originally meant for social networking to find love. But can you actually fall in love on social media? The concept of finding love via social media is not as unlikely as it may sound. With instantaneous connections and the ability to scroll through someone’s likes, dislikes, and their favorite memes, it’s pretty easy to find common interests with someone and to slide into their DMs to initiate a conversation. Even something as small as a like or a comment can actually lead to lasting relationships, That’s how Deena met her guy!
  • At the end of the show, have a big space and a small budget? Deena tells us how to decorate your spacious areas with smaller furniture and decor. Hope you join us for these Hot Topics and more this morning on GTU Hour 1.

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