How to set up your grandchildren for success without spoiling them? Linda and Richard Eyre
weigh in!

The Eyres expressed the new ideals of grandparenting — passing on values, love, who they are
and who the children will be because of them.

After sending out a survey, the Eyres discovered two ideals are most important to current
grandparents: faith and values, and finances. As grandparenting experts, the Eyres have come
up with their own idea for supporting grandchildren financially.

Their first idea is setting up a “Grand-Bank.” This is an account that grandkids can put money
into, and grandparents can match that amount, paying interest every quarter.
The second idea is having grandchildren propose in a presentation, essay or other in order to
gain a “grant” from grandparents.

Another option is to set up a custodial Roth IRA for grandchildren, matching their deposits.
Having thirty-four grandchildren, the Eyres have managed to have a positive relationship with
each of their grandchildren, helping them learn the value of finances from a young age.

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