SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Everyone has a story. Even people that don’t think they do. Good Things Utah’s Nicea DeGering visited with Doug Jessop, the host of the weekly Jessop’s Journal TV show that airs Sunday mornings at 10 on ABC4, to find out why he likes to do extended interviews.

“People want to be heard. Stories have power,” says Doug Jessop, Jessop’s Journal Host and Producer. “It’s the details that make the difference and help us understand each other. Extended interviews give people that opportunity to really tell their stories. Some of my recent favorite extended interviews include Eric Dowdle, Brandon Fugal, Jodi Orgill- Brown, Clara Hurtato Lee.”

The popularity of his extended interviews have led to the availability of private in-studio interviews called Family Heritage Stories. The story behind the project goes back to Doug’s childhood interactions with his grandfather.

“I got a cassette recorder for Christmas when I was 12-years-old. My grandfather was very patient and would let me interview him. He would tell me wonderful stories of his life. I was eighteen when Gramps died. The last words he said where “Please Remember Me,” adds Jessop.

Family Heritage Stories are designed to be a comfortable and convenient space for people of all ages to sit down for 1-hour in a profession video studio and make sure their stories are told and preserved.

A unique feature of Family Heritage Stories is that Doug will do a pre-interview phone call to get to know you better and find out what matters most to you.

All the professional lighting, camera and audio are set up for high quality and no distractions.  Just come to the studio and the same crew that produce Doug’s TV show do the rest. They edit out the bloopers. They add in your pictures and give you a MP4 digital video to keep and share.

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