How Couples Can Stop Fighting About Money

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Noah St. John, author of The Book of Afformations, joined us today to share how couples can avoid fighting over money. 
The questions most frequently asked are:
1.    Why is money the #1 cause of divorce in America?
2.    What are the 4 basic money personalities?
3.    Should people who view money differently not marry one another?
4.    What is the “Ostrich Syndrome” and why should people avoid it?
5.    What are AFFORMATIONS and how can it help couples from fighting about money?
6.    What is the #1 assumption people need to change if they want to stop fighting about money?
Noah is speaking at the World’s Largest Christ-Centered Energy Healing Conference on June 15-June 17. Other topics include “How to Break Your Worst Habit in 21 Days” and “60-Second Stress Relief for Busy Moms”.
Visit for more information. You can also get his new book for free by visiting his website.

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