How Alema Harrington’s recovery is helping others do the same

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Addiction can have a sobering effect on the holidays. We understand that alcoholism and addiction are diseases but we still treat them as simply bad behavior or an annoying inconvenience. You would not put off treatment for cancer because of the holidays, especially if the cancer was advanced. However we do this all the time with addiction and sometimes the result of waiting is catastrophic (DUI, arrest, vehicular homicide, suicide, overdose, the list goes on).

Alema harrington, a licensed substance use disorder Counselor for Renaissance Ranch Treatment Center, joined ABC4 and Good Things Utah to talk about his own experience with addiction, how he overcame it, and the way he helps others do it now.

Renaissance Ranch is committed to providing its residents with professional, private service and compassionate treatment. Their secluded ranch estate is designed to promote healing and recovery through an atmosphere of love, support, and respect.

If you or someone you know struggles with addiction, don’t hesitate to give Renaissance Ranch a call or visit their website today! They’re one of the best and most premiere rehabs in the state of Utah.

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