It is National Suicide Prevention Week. Although a tough subject to discuss, it is an important issue to bring awareness to. And one organization shedding light and lending a hand is Yellow For Life.

Yellow For Life is a student organization at the University of Utah, that aims to reach out in a real and productive way to those impacted by suicide and suicidal ideation and to create communities where people are valued. 

Samuel Adams, President of Yellow For Life, and Jacob Kenison, Outreach Director, joined us to share what they have done and what they are continuing to do for those impacted.

Throughout the academic year, Yellow For Life hosts a variety of activities focused on their goals of encouraging healthy communities through social events and activities. Yellow For Life also hosts suicide prevention training which is mainly targeted at students but is open to anyone.

Yellow For Life is sponsored and supported by The FMK Foundation (a 501(c)3 organization), which is dedicated to empowering people experiencing mental illness or suicidal ideation.

Wear your yellow to show your support and learn how you can get involved at You can also find them on Instagram: .