The gym should be a space you look forward to being in! Shayli Campbell Co-Owner of ShayFit Gym joined hour one of GTU to share how ShayFIT Gym is different from any other gym. ShayFIT is a lifestyle gym located in St. George. Campbell believes that fitness and health aren’t just something you do because you hate your body or feel like you “have to” it’s part of who you are. 

Campbell and her husband started ShayFIT on Instagram, posting workout routines and gym motivation! After posting workouts for years, Campbell and her husband decided to turn their dreams into a reality and open a gym! Campbell and her husband wanted to have this space, gym, and platform to be a place for everyone to feel good when they are here and when they leave. 

The community at ShayFIT has an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. Working out is a lifestyle and something you love doing cause it makes you feel good, strong, and alive! The staff at ShayFIT Gym wants everyone to feel welcome and strong! 

ShayFIT sells online programs as well as gym training. ShayFIT offers shred workouts, 20-day ab challenges, pregnancy and postpartum guides, 6-week challenges, macro plans, running classes, and more! 

If you or a friend are interested in ShayFIT Gym, follow the links for more information! 

Business Information

Website: Shayfit Gym

1871 W Canyon View Dr

St George, Utah 84770