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We’ve got some hot movies this weekend and our movie critic, Val Cameron is here to share her take on what’s showing in theaters.

Don’t Look Up – Rated R

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a college professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, an unsure professional father and husband from a small town. One of his astronomy graduate students, Kate Dibiasky, is played by Jennifer Lawrence. She discovers a comet in our solar system that is headed directly towards the earth. The comet is not just any kind of comet, it is what’s known as a planet killer. As they come to terms with what a big deal this event is, they get pulled into a whirlwind of politics, press, social media, and inexcusable human behavior. 

There are some really great moments in the film, Val explains. Her favorite part of the film is that it shows human behavior at its best and worst. “It is stressful, funny, at points compellingly accurate while being totally asinine,” Val says. The movie invokes all the emotions and is sure to leave you fired up by the time you leave. Val thinks the movie will inspire discussions and arguments will be made. She says it is worth a watch. 

Grade SOLID B 

Being the Ricardos – Rated R

I Love Lucy is an iconic show that even after 64 years, most people know about. However, what many people don’t know is how hard Lucille Ball worked as a wife and as a creator. This movie gives great insight into the world of Lucy and Desi and what they went through to be on television.

One of the best parts of the film, according to Val, is getting a seat at the table. As an audience, we get to see what happened behind the senses. The audience is let in on all of the secrets and hard times and who hates who and who is struggling. But it is told in the most human way that we can still love the memories we hold so tight. Val says that if you are a fan of the show, she thinks you will be more than satisfied with this movie. It was warm and emotional and a great reminder that we are all human.

Grade B+ 

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story – PG-13

Like many viewers, Val loved the original West Side Story movie, so she was not sold on a remake at the beginning. But when the cast was announced, she was intrigued.

“From the minute they entered the screen I was memorized,” Vall explained. Mike Faist was a great casting call, but it didn’t stop there for our movie critic. David Alvarez as Bernardo did more than hold his own and brought a new shine to the character. Rachel Zegler is captivating the minute you lay eyes on her. She sings, acts, dances, and feels more like a Maria than the original, Vad admits. This movie shows two Anita’s because Rita Moreno, the original, is in the movie as well. Val thinks the use of Rita in this movie is thoughtful and powerful. 

She also shares that there were enough changes from the original that new audiences will be able to relate to it and past fans will appreciate the care that was taken with the story, the characters, and New York. 

Grade B+ (but bumped up to an A- on air)

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