Hot and spicy sauces pushing taste buds to the limit

Good Things Utah

Things got a little spicy on GTU today with a visit from Roger Damptz, owner of Burn Your Tongue. Burn Your Tongue is Utah’s Legendary Hot Sauce Leader. Our hosts can confirm this after taste-testing a line-up of Damptz’s sauces!

Damptz carries many different sauces with differing tastes and geographic influence. They have sauces from over half of the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Scotland.

So why is the sauce so hot? According to Damptz, spicy is not a taste like bitter, sour, salty, sweet or Umami. It is, in fact, Capsaicin that hits the pain receptors and causes the spicy effect. After tasting something spicy, cool down with milk, whip cream, bread, lemon or sugar.

Now through Sunday, save 20% off everything at Burn Your Tongue in Utah! For more information, follow them on FB, IG and online.

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