Homemade bird feeder ornament

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Gift giving is a big part of Christmas. We love giving presents so, this year, don’t forget to give to the creatures we share our ecosystem with. Robert Blair, from Adventucation, shared a fun way to give back to the birds this holiday season.

“This holiday, give back to ALL your friends, including the ones we share our urban ecosystems with,” says Robert.

Bird-Feed Ornaments
– Boil 3 cups of water

-Add 2 packets of gelatin

– Stir in 3 cups of bird seed, dried fruit, and cayenne pepper seasoning

– Using your favorite cookie cutters, fill them with the bird-seed mixture. Use toothpicks to make a hole at the top to string later

– Refrigerate for 2 hours, then leave out for a day- String up the ornaments, and hang in tree-Visuals Props- demos, props, models, etc.

– Kitchen Space StuffPot for boiling water, large bowl, cups for measuring, cookie cutters, cookie sheet, gelatinBird seed, dried fruit, seasoningPromotions/ specials to offer (if any)

As we create a wintery feast for our urban friends, the Loveland Living Planet has a Festival of the Seas going till the end of the month, and Adventucation would like to give you 4 tickets to check it out. Follow them on Instagram, head to the post, tag a friend, and you’re entered!

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