Frequent GTU guest Cat Palmer came to the set to share her best tips for organizing your home this season. Palmer started the segment with tips on down sizing your closet. “If you haven’t worn it in a year, are you ever going to wear it?” ask Palmer. After her recent move, Palmer felt that our living spaces is a metaphor for our lives which is why it is important to purge and declutter.

The first suggestion Palmer has was for “junk drawers”, which everyone seems to have. She recommends going to Ace Hardware to finding the customizable drawers to help keep thing clean, tidy and easy to find. Another suggestion is for your spice cupboard. No space for a spice rack? No problem! Opt for a tiered spice rack which takes up limited space and also makes spices easy to find. Palmer and her partner even have one of these in their bathroom.

A snack caddy is also a suggestion Palmer has and has seen how it has helped her family. This is a great way to keep the snacks organized and accessible. Cord ties are great to keep on your appliances. She also brought a port to put your plastic baggies with several sizes and a port to place your lips. She also has suggestions to optimize your closet space without any of those pesky dressers. All of these are available on Amazon. Palmer also suggests looking at IKEA and Home Depot as well as bringing a friend to help organize.