Holiday nail trends and how to grow your natural nails

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Fake nails are out, long natural nails are in and nail technician, Sydney Trane, came by GTU to talk about how to grow out your natural nail instead of getting nail extensions and trendy nail designs!

Trane says she has seen natural nails become trendier over the past year and there are many benefits to wearing your natural nails! First, you can go longer between appointments, so you are spending less money and not having to carve time out of your busy schedule as much. Second, wearing your natural nails make your nails healthier, so they are less likely to break and feel stronger. Trane says the best way to do this is to have your nail technician apply strengthening gel polish, she personally uses Luminary, but a nail technician can use any good strong gel polish. The key is to apply these gel polishes thicker which creates an apex that is aesthetically pleasing without the breakage common with nail extensions. The polish color is removed with an electric file, but a lot of the base coat stays on which is what helps protect your nail. She brought by some products to

As far as design trends, Trane says throughout the year she has seen ore minimal nail designs with a lot of neutral or negative space — negative space meaning clear or natural nail color behind the design. In addition, french tips have also been popular and a red or green french tip is perfect for the holidays. Hint: try an asymmetrical french tip to add a unique twist to the classic design.

Trane is not accepting clients, but she uses social media to help people learn how to take care of their nails and if you message her on Instagram she can direct you to a nail technician near you.

Trane is also hosting a giveaway! She paired up with a local salon to give away prizes including salon gift cards, Olaplex, Hempz lotion, and other must-haves for your self-care routine. To enter the giveaway head over to her Instagram as well.

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