Miriam Gersdorf joined us today from Explore Hike Teach to talk hiking in Utah.

Explore Hike Teach aims to inspire hikers to get outdoors, discover new places and adventure with greater confidence. 

She starts with 10 essentials you need in your bag for a hike. First, sun protection. Sunscreen, a long sleeve shirt or a hat can keep the sun off of your back. Next, a map or a compass to find your way across the trail. Matches and a first aid kit are next in her list as she says it is important to light a fire and have basic medical items in case of an emergency. 

Continuing on, she says carrying an emergency shelter with you can come in handy in a pinch. Lastly, a headlamp, extra food and snacks, a knife and some water. All items will give you a safety cushion to fall back on if anything goes wrong on your hike.

She also mentions some of her favorite hikes for right now. Willis Creek Slot, Albion basin, Tony Grove Lake and Waterfall Canyon. 

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