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Today Shaadie brought his good friend, Sarah Steele Reesor, on set to share about her fitness company, PHunk Fit.  

Sarah is a lifelong veteran of the dance and fitness industry. She is certified to instruct Zumba, Step & Ballet, and Rhythm Cycle, but recently started PHunk Fit in late 2016 as a newly divorced mother of 4. PHunk Fit was created for everyone to experience the full structure and magic of a dance class. By June of 2020 and in the midst of the Pandemic, Sarah, now a mother of 5 and remarried, opened PHunk Studio SLC with her husband.

PHunk Fit is known as The Dance Cardio Class With Soul. The classes focus on PHIVE Elements; Musicality, Style, Progression, Repetition & HIIT. They hope to provide an all-encompassing experience including a signature warm-up and a series of easy-to-follow choreographed routines.  

For more information about the program, go to PHunk Fit where you can also find the schedule and stay up to date with classes and events. Catch tutorials on their IG page @Phunk_Fit or you can view more content and a full sample class on YouTube @PhunkFit.

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