Violeta Granados, or V is a well-known blogger at Just Another Insta Gal who’s just opened a second account, Just Another SLC Bite to feature tasty hidden gems all over our state! She spoiled us today, bringing in yumminess from multiple restaurants.

First up is Nino Viejo -Birria. Tacos, anyone? The tortillas as made in house, the beef is cooked for countless hours, and the consome to dip in is dreamy. They’re popping all over the food scene but with their culinary background, it’s an elevated birria taco. 

Doki Doki- Japanese is a desert shop right here in Utah. They’re known for their taiyaki, crepe cakes and fluffy pancakes which are a huge in all other big food cities, and they are the one and only Japanese Desert shop here. 

Este pizza- NYC style pizza right in our Backyard that’s not only delicious, but affordable. It’s sold by the slice, or whole. The crust is thick yet crisp and their slices are perfect for on the go. 

Hong Kong Banjum – authentic Korean food which makes their noodles in-house daily!!! Scissors are brought out with your noddle order which ass to the homemade Korean middle experience. 

Pie Flight has hand pies with complex flavors on the next level.

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