Alondra Lopez, a local foodie from Foodie Utah on Instagram joined hour one of GTU to share how to make the perfect Springtime drink!

To make a Hibiscus Agua Fresca you only need three ingredients! Water, sugar, and a hibiscus flower. Lopez starts by boiling water and adding the hibiscus flower. After waiting 5 minutes, Lopez strains the water and adds the sugar. There is no measurement when it comes to the sugar, so add it to your liking! 

This drink can be enjoyed either hot or cold! Lopez shared that the hibiscus flower has many benefits. It helps inflammation, clears skin, lowers blood pressure, fights bacteria, and supports overall liver health.

The Hibiscus Agua Fresca is easy, refreshing, and a great drink to kick off a season of warm weather. For more information on all things food, follow the links below! 

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