SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – The early stages of dating are difficult for everyone, and the hesitation in this part of dating can make or break your relationship. Dating Counselor Loni Harmon joined us to talk about how you can be vulnerable and take action in your relationships, and how she has helped our producer Jill Hodson become more confident when dating.

For Jill, dating is scary, especially when she has to be vulnerable. She always finds herself hesitating in relationships, which can make opening up very difficult. Loni has helped her overcome this fear by showing her how to take relationships day by day, and not to expect things to happen after a certain time.

There is no timeline for dating or certain checkpoints you have to meet. Loni talks about how dating is very intuitive, and the process for getting to know somebody takes time and vulnerability.

Relationships should be like building friendships with a romantic spin, and there shouldn’t be any pressure to meet certain expectations when dating. To find out more about Loni and her counseling methods, you can go to or message Loni on Instagram!