Here’s a new trick for you Dog!

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Not only are dogs cute, they are smart! Some breeds can do extraordinary tricks and feats! Training your dogs to accomplish these tasks can be a difficult chore, but once it is a part of their behavior, the time and effort the training took will be worth it.

However, according to Ryan Gwilliam from Train. Walk. Poop., the training of your pet does not need to be a lengthy, difficult, or an expensive process.

Ryan showed some great ways to train your dogs! He shows hands-on, how to train one’s dog to hold a treat on their nose until given the okay to eat it and how to balance other items on its nose such as, one of their toys or even a ring-box for a proposal.

Not only are these fun and impressive technique for your dog to learn, but it also teaches them habits of patience and listening behaviors which can help both at home and at the vet.

Watch Ryan Gwilliam’s extremely helpful lesson above to see how to relay new tricks and helpful behaviors to your own pup!  

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