SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Do your kids want to hug relatives, or do they have boundaries? It is important to ask them and then respect their boundaries and whether they give consent or not. This is exactly what Cassidy DuHadway came to talk about in today’s parenting segment. She says don’t force your kids to hug others during the holidays. Why you ask, it takes time for your kids to transition and warm up to people and you should respect that process. Tell them it’s ok to teach them to say NO and the adults around them should and will support them. If your family might get upset by them not giving them a hug you can give them a call beforehand, so they don’t feel like they are being rejected.  By teaching them this young it gives them the confidence to have a voice in the future when they have other types of boundaries. You can do this with both teens and preteens. It is important to grow up using your voice and using your opinion.  

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