SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Opening up the conversation about a different kind of “talk” with the kids. Certified nutritionist, Trish Brimhall, joined us on the show to help parents prevent disordered eating through open communication with their kids.

Most disordered eating starts around ages 12-15 and body image issues, and negative changes to eating patterns can start as early as starting elementary school. This can be a daunting topic, but Brimhall advices to tailor the discussion to their level and age. Some questions you can start with are:

· What is mealtime like at school?

· Do you look forward to eating at school?

· Do you hear or notice any comments that make you or others feel bad about you bodies or what or how you eat?

· Do you hear kids talk about dieting?

· Do you feel anxious about eating and why?

You can get more specific for older kids with questions like:

· Do you notice any peers or friends with disordered eating behaviors?

· Have you considered or tried any of those behaviors?

· If you think of food as a relationship, how is that relationship doing?

Finding low-pressure ways to bring up the topic can help to help minimize the risk of disordered eating behaviors. This can be at a family dinner or while cooking. Involving your kids in planning fun or creative meals helps get them excited and empowered to take care of their bodies. For more from Trish Brimhall, visit