Helping kids connect to their heritage

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Sarah Clark from the Dainty Pear came by GTU to talk about how to help kids connect to their heritage. 

Kids want to know who they are and where they came from and here are tips for how parents can help them with that!

  • Make and eat food together specific to your heritage. 
  • Look at photos or videos of grandparents and ancestors. Clark is all about turning on that video camera, taking pictures, or hitting record on a voice memo and recording and interviewing our elders so those stories don’t get lost!
  • Learn the language (or travel there, if possible!) 
  • Watch movies that show and represent the culture! A favorite in Clark’s home is Coco!
  • Teach them about cultural traditions and do them together! 

Pre-Orders are available on Clark’s website for her new Cookbook that has some of her family recipes as a nod to her family’s Italian, Mexican, Irish and Maltese heritage! Also check out her YouTube for more tips.

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