Salt Lake City, UT – (Good Things Utah) – Getting kids to unplug is becoming more and more difficult these days when it feels like there aren’t enough non-electronic things to do. Whitney Dodge came into the studio today to share how she created a way for kids to go screen free during the summer. 

With the technology available today, children can stream all day long and it’s easy for them to stay glued to their screens. Parents now have the challenge of having to be creative with what their children could do to limit their screen time. Dodge shared with us the Junior Mountaineers Club, featuring a workbook filled with activities, merit badge opportunities, and completely screen free. 

All you have to do is sign your child up for the Junior Mountaineers Club and they will receive a workbook in the mail. The workbook contains fun activities that will allow your child to decide what they want to do. They could be drawn to trying a new recipe in the kitchen, doing an art project, being active and playing outside, or sleeping in the backyard. There are so many things to do to keep your children having fun this summer. 

Once they earn a certain number of merit badges they have the ability to mail in a postcard and Club Headquarters will mail them back a limited edition patch with a certificate that they have advanced in rank. 

Get involved with Junior Mountaineers Club and help your kids to have a screen free summer!

For more information visit Junior Mountaineers Club and use code goodthingsutah for 10% off.