SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah)—Picky eaters are never easy to handle, so what can we do to help encourage our families to eat healthier? Registered dietitian Trish Brimhall joins us in the studio to talk about how cooking and eating together as a family can help encourage nutrition.

It can be a challenge to feed a whole family and ensure that everyone is full and satisfied. It’s important to remember that the kitchen is where it all starts. Eating at home and avoiding fast food drive-throughs is one of the easiest ways to eat healthier. This helps to cut out processed foods and saturated fats while adding more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to battling with picky eaters, make a rule to not become a short-order cook. Try to communicate with your family and involve your kids in deciding the weekly menu. This way, they can have more input into what will be on their plate, and you can make sure the food being made is something they will enjoy. Not only should they be involved in the planning, but also the preparation! Letting your kids help cook teaches them valuable life skills by encouraging creativity, decision-making, and time management. Over time it can even help to expand their palate while creating stronger parent-child relationships.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated, not every meal has to be picture-perfect! These tips might seem overwhelming but taking them one step at a time and making small changes will become easier as you go.

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