Fonda Bryant, Nexstar’s Media National Remarkable Woman of The Year 2021, QPR Suicide Prevention Certified Instructor, shared awareness to National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and discuss her QPR Suicide Prevention Training July.

Racial/ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities often suffer from poor mental health outcomes due to multiple factors, including inaccessibility of high-quality mental health care services, the cultural stigma surrounding mental health care, discrimination, and overall lack of awareness about mental health. 

There is a stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide among cultures, help make a difference by signing up for the QPR Suicide Prevention Training; anyone can save a life through education and caring. The training is 2 hours, you receive a 3-year certificate, QPR booklet, and resource card. You are a certified Gatekeeper. You don’t have to be a professional to save a life. 

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