PLEASANT GROVE, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Take part in rebuilding Lahaina and support the people impacted through a benefit concert being held in Pleasant Grove. Melinda Pike, Event Creator and Organizer as well as Sou Ika and Singa Hafoka, former Lahaina Residents who were impacted by the tragedy, joined us on the show to share what we can do here in Utah to help.

The wildfires that destroyed Maui have caused so much devastation that has been felt across the world. The culture, community and the land mean a lot to the people who call Lahaina home as well as visitors. Pike hopes to educate people not just about the islands but about Lahaina specifically and its historical importance. Non-profit organization, Lāhui Foundation will aid in getting donations to the right families, as quickly as possible.

The Rebuild Maui Benefit Concert is a great way to help bring relief to some of the many people impacted and to help rebuild the community. It will be held Wednesday, August 30th from 7PM to 9:30PM. Musical artists like EJ Michels, Bri Ray, the King will come, Garon Brett, Heeva, and more. There will be a prayer given by a Native Hawaiian from Maui, a moment of silence to pay respects for those unaccounted for, lost, and affected. Guests will enjoy Live Music and then all of the musical artists will join the community in singing Aloha ‘Oe together. It’s going to be powerful, educational, and meaningful. 

Whether you have a connection to the Hawaiian islands or not, this event is an opportunity to come learn more about a deeply meaningful culture and community that deserves to be preserved and protected. Tickets are only $30 and can be purchased at