It can be so frustrating to cook for picky eaters. In today’s parenting segment, Kyriaki shares her tips and tricks to help your kids eat better!

  1. Start Early
  • The earlier you start, the better. 
  • When your baby is first starting on solids, give them whole foods, lots of veggies, and limit sugar. 
  • Do not serve processed, pre-packaged foods unless they have just a few, whole ingredients. 
  • This helps to develop their palate in a healthy way.
  • If you haven’t started when your child was a baby, don’t worry! It’s not too late.
  1. NO Plan B! 
  • When you are feeding your child, and they won’t eat what’s in front of them, do NOT bring out a Plan B. (i.e. they won’t eat steak and veggies so you mic a quick bowl of mac and cheese.) 
  • They will learn to just wait for what they want, instead of trying new, healthy foods.
  • Remember, it’s OK if they don’t eat. A skipped meal once in a while won’t hurt them. 
  1. Include Options
  • Make sure there are a few options on their plate. So if you are serving pasta, try a small amount of pasta and sauce with veggies like mushrooms and green beans and add a few strawberries. 
  • Have them try everything, but only finish what they like. 
  • This gives them some control and makes the meal more enjoyable.
  1. Teach What Foods Do 
  • There are no “bad foods.” There are simply “play” foods (aka treats, junk food, sweets, etc.) and healthy foods. 
  • I like to teach my kids how each vegetable, protein and carbohydrate help your body. 
  • For example, lean meat makes your muscles strong! Whole wheat pasta can give you energy that your body can use for jumping or playing. Broccoli and other green veggies are packed with vitamins and nutrients that help keep your body healthy and growing. 
  •  Having “play food” once in a while is also OK! It doesn’t do much for your body, but it may make your brain happy and that’s OK! 🙂

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