Helicopter or hands-off parenting?

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A child’s education and experience in school is greatly impacted by what happens at home. Helicopter parenting can be too invasive and hands-off parenting can become to unattached. Hilary Scharton has the formula for the perfect balance of parenting.

According to Scharton, communication between the parent and the teacher is essential for a child’s well-being. Parents should ask what the teacher’s preferred method of communication is and use it often. This connection allows an easy way to explain and explore how a child learns and what they need in the classroom.

Parents should follow-through with their kid’s assignments and projects. The child will be comfortable discussing their progress and problems if their parent is engaged. Providing a routine schedule, a good breakfast, and a way to release stress will help create a safe learning environment at home.

Scharton suggests finding more information and getting involved through the Canvas Learning Platform in schools. The Canvas Management Learning Platform is a program designed to help parents and teachers navigate learning processes and challenging situations involved in school.

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