With the kids heading back to school, it’s a great time to establish some healthy habits and new routines to create peace, instead of chaos inside your home. Parenting expert, Kyriaki joined us on the show with some tips. 

Healthy habits can reduce stress, spark joy and give you more energy – and most importantly more TIME. Some healthy habits include a daily exercise routine, regular family time, self-care, meditation, eating well, etc. Often we feel the areas we need to improve, but if you’re not sure where to start, look for habits that help you feel calm and centered.

How to Implement Healthy Habits:

● Habit Stacking

● This is a technique that helps you remember the new

habit to make it routine.

● Simply tack it onto something you’re already doing.

● Say you want to start whitening your teeth at night, tack it

on the end of your floss and brush routine and it will

make it easier to remember.

● Use Time & Space

● Spaces hold memories. Think of your favorite chair – I’m

sure you instantly think of the books you’ve read there or

how it makes you feel relaxed.

● Similarly, you can use space to create healthy habits. If

you workout in the same area every day, that area will

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