Healthy Christmas snacks the kids will love

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Christmas doesn’t have to be all candy and sugar! Adriana Hanson is here to show you some fun and healthy Christmas snacks you can enjoy through the holidays!

• Christmas trees snack boards. You can turn any snack board into a Christmas tree at this time of the year! Add your favorite fruits, veggies, cheeses or treats and have fun with it! You can even turn your quesadillas into festive trees!

• Christmas sandwiches with cookie cutters. Have your kids help prepare lunch by cutting bread on the shape of a Christmas tree, snowman, star, etc., and then add your favorite toppings!

• Reindeer Rice Cakes. Spread Nutella, peanut or almond butter to your favorite kind of rice cakes, use raspberries as noses, pretzels for antlers, and candy eyes!

Adriana shared a few more Christmas treats and activities you can enjoy with your family on GTU Hour 2.
• Santa Pancakes. Make your favorite pancake recipe and add strawberries for Santa’s hat, banana slices as his beard, and whipped cream for the hat.

• Reindeer HoHos. Stick mini candy canes to the top of the Hohos for the antlers (or use big ones and cut them in half), and use candy eyes, and a red M&M for the nose. Frosting is great to use as ‘glue.’

• Pancake/Cookie Ornaments. Decorate sugar cookies or pancakes to make them look like Christmas tree ornaments!

• Reindeer brownies. Very similar to the reindeer hohos, but with these ones the antlers are made out of pretzels!

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