SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Breast cancer survivors often experience sexual health issues, but these concerns are rarely addressed by medical professionals. Executive Director, Bobbi Lord and Rebecca Jensen, a breast cancer survivor herself, joined us on the show to share the mission of the Image Reborn Foundation; to address the emotional side of healing through breast cancer.

The non-profit offers survivors a free renewal retreat – where women attend at no cost to them, and are offered an abundance of TLC for 3 days. This year will be the biggest yet, serving 200 women at 28 retreats. The conference will be held on April 29 in Sandy, Utah, to help women regain intimacy with their bodies and partners after breast cancer treatment. The conference, titled “Taking back the ‘O’ after breast cancer,” will feature experts in pelvic floor health, gynecology, sex therapy, and breast reconstruction.

Women can attend in person for $10 or online for $5.

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