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Ali brought her hair stylist, Cassie Dean from Studio 101, to show us how Cassie gets Ali’s hair to look so beautiful!

Ali used to have sewn in hair extensions, but from the tangles to having to get them moved up when her own hair grew out, she needed a different option. Individual clip in extensions were on the list, but Ali wasn’t a huge fan of the time commitment for having to clip in individuals each morning.

Cassie came up with a solution and decided to combine the two styles to make it work for Ali. She sewed together several single clip ins together so that they would clip in a U-shape on the back of Ali’s head. So Ali can remove them before bed, to prevent them tangling at night, and just clip them back in the next morning.

It worked great and now you know the secret to Ali’s luscious locks. If you want more hair tips or to reach out to Cassie Dean you can follow her on Instagram @cassiedeanhair or on Facebook @cassiedeanstylist.

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