• On Good Things Utah this morning – Do you have a New Year’s Eve tradition? Gretchen Jensen is back filling in with the ladies on the show today and says in the South eating black eyed peas and greens on New Year’s Day is a Texas tradition. Tradition holds the peas represent coins, the greens dollars and the cornbread represents gold. Gretchen says taking a big bite is all about good luck – So serve it up!
    • And what about this tradition? Some social media users are spending the week leading up to New Year’s Day preparing to speed-eat a dozen grapes, sit under a table and run outside with a suitcase as soon as the clock strikes midnight to have a shot at good fortune next year. This isn’t an observance of one custom but, rather, the combination of various New Year’s traditions — and TikTok users are desperate for all the good luck they can get heading into 2023. One of several videos in which TikTokers show off the results of their 2022 manifestations is @kiekeeks’ post in which she shared that nine months after eating grapes under a table in the first minute of this year she was engaged to her fiancée. The tradition of eating one grape for each chime of the clock is mostly observed in Spain and some Latin American countries, but it has taken off on TikTok in the final week of 2022 as users share the love they found since devouring 12 grapes — usually under a table — within 60 seconds at the beginning of the year. What are you doing for good luck this New Year’s Day?
  • And finally, a bartender reveals what your drink order says about your personality: A good first-date first impression is almost as essential as a strong first-date cocktail. Maybe you’re tired of being the bad boy, and you really want to wow this girl with some newfound, genuine charm. Either way, tons of consideration goes into the type of vibe you’re trying to send. Once your outfit is picked, your meeting place secured, and your transportation arranged, it’s time to move on to the promised land, otherwise known as the bar. So, what do you order? We decided to leave this one up to the professionals and get some firsthand advice from a couple of bartenders who have seen it all:
    • Red wine
      According to one bartender at a first-date hotspot, ordering a glass of red screams seduction. “There’s this one guy who comes in here, I’d say once a month, every time with a new woman. He always drinks red wine, and always sways her to drink red wine. Now, if I really want to get a girl in the mood, it’s going to be with red wine.”
    • White wine
      Both bartenders were in agreement that white wine is the more feminine pour of the two. “Women tend to be the white wine drinkers in here, and honestly it has a lot more to do with the selection of the wine than the fact that she’s ordering it.” What’s the biggest mistake that patrons make when requesting their vino of choice? Ordering a glass of the house blend.
  • Tune in as the ladies dive into these Hot Topics and so much more this morning on a Friday edition of Good Things Utah.