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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – What makes a healthy relationship? It sounds obvious, but it’s true: in order to have a healthy, satisfying relationship, husbands and wives have to actively work to keep it happy by interrogating their communication methods, making sure to treat one another with respect, and making sure you both have the ability to grow independently. So, what are some signs of couples who are doing it right? Here are some ways to know what you’re doing well — and what you might need to focus on a bit more. 1. They treat one another with respect, not contempt. Tune in for the other traits or click here for more: https://www.yahoo.com/now/12-big-signs-happy-healthy-203753238.html
  • Plus, the holiday travel rush is well underway and experts are predicting U.S. airports and roadways will be nearly as busy as they were pre-pandemic. About 109 million travelers are expected to take to the roads and skies for Christmas and New Year’s, according to AAA, which represents more than 90% of the 2019 pre-pandemic travel record of 119 million. The bulk of travelers, 100 million, are projected to drive to their destinations. But the airports are bracing for crowds as well. Friday is already estimated to be the third busiest day to fly to your winter getaway, according to travel booking app Hopper, with 2.4 million available seats.
  • And a professor of psychology shares key insights from his new book “The Sweet Spot: The Pleasures of Suffering and the Search for Meaning.” Paul Bloom is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and a professor emeritus at Yale. The author of six books, his writing has appeared in Nature, Science, The Guardian, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic. His best advice? “He who has a WHY to live can bear almost an HOW”.
  • At the end of the show – We asked a handful of nutrition experts to explain the relationship between food and sleep, and what we should be eating before bed for a good night’s rest. There are a number of different factors in your day-to-day life that can make it difficult to get to sleep, from stress to our central heating. People are reporting sleep disturbances more than ever: the average person is losing two hours of sleep a night and 37% of people in Britain are sleep deprived, according to 2021 research from fitness tech brand Zepp. But what if we told you that the answer could lie in something much more simple than lavender sprays and supplements? When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, your diet can play a huge role. Deena tells us what you need to add to your diet to get more zzzzz’s! Hope you tune in for the first hour of GTU on a busy Monday.

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