Rachel Urban joined the show today, speaking about the art of handmade prints for the Honey Days Festival. The Honey Days Festival, being held on September 3 at the Commonwealth Room. Featuring several artists including Rachel, Honey Days is an art and music festival you won’t want to miss. 

Stunning handmade prints will line Urban’s shop featuring angelic, ethereal, original prints. All prints start as a printing or drawing, then burn the art onto a screen and layer on the print. The process is long, making Urban’s art that much more admirable. She also describes wood cuts where an image is carved onto a piece of wood, then run through a press onto paper. 

Urban expresses her passion for art beginning at a young age. She pursued this passion through college studying at the University of Utah and has made her passion into a living. Each print is a limited edition, adding value to the art. 

Urban also spoke about the growing art community in Salt Lake. Saltgrass Printmakers is the current place Urban works and has created a community of print artists. The art community works together to create a safe space and the Salt Lake community has a place in Urban’s heart. 

Website: Rachelurbanart.com

Instagram: @rachelurbanart

Tiktok: @rachelurbanart