All the way from Maryland, Amy Latta, joins us on the show today to talk about her upcoming classes taking place at Pinner’s Conference this weekend. She is known for her exquisite hand-lettering and has released several tutorials and books to help you develop your own penmanship.

Today she brought her 5th book titled Practice Makes Progress, My Creative Journal that takes you through 25 different quotes about creativity and helps inspire you to tap into yours. Amy started this endeavor after she became and mom and needed a creative outlet. It evolved into a business that is now known as Amy Latta Creations.

She demonstrated what she will be teaching at the conference tomorrow Nov. 5th at noon. It is a DIY ceramic bisque ornament. She provides the design on one side of the ornament, so you can color it however you want, and leaves the other side blank so you can hand-letter any word you would like.

When Reagan asked how she was going to help her improve her handwriting, she said that you have to think of letters as shapes. An “a” is an oval and a downstroke. She also shared a helpful tip to imagine the lines you used to practice handwriting in elementary and move the center like up a little bit. Then when you write you’re letters, it gives it a different style and was really simple and easy to do.

Be sure and head over to the Mountain Expo Center for Pinners Conference this weekend. Amy’s class will be at noon and walk-ins are welcome. You can also follow along with her blog on the web for more tips and crafts.