Frequent GTU guest Randy Crane from Great Food FYI came to the GTU kitchen to share his adorable Halloween inspired treats, Hand dipped Oreo mud bats. This is an easy, festive, fun and yummy treat!

Oreo Mud:

1 14.3 oz package of Oreos

8 oz of softened cream cheese

Other ingredients needed:


Melting chocolate

Cake decorating sugar eyes

Blend the Oreos in a food processor until it has the constancy of sand. When ready, combine crumbled Oreos with cream cheese and place in a stand mixer for 30-40 seconds. Scoop out and form into balls. Once formed into balls, place in the refrigerator for at least one hour. When hardened, dip each ball into melted chocolate. Let cool until hardened, approximately five minutes. When ready, grab a piece of Oreo and split in half and use as wings. Use the melted chocolate as an adhesive for the wings and eyes.

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