Marissa Fralick, owner of PsychedelicRocks, came to Good Things Utah to talk about her hand curated crystal shop. These rocks have stunning beauty on the inside and out and come in all different shapes and sizes. Fralick has curated and cut stones into beautiful and unique shapes including human skulls, wolf head, hearts and many other mesmerizing pieces. Fralick selects these rocks ethically and in an  environmentally conscious way to ensure preservation of the ecology. She is also knowledgeable in the origins of each rock and can decipher how many people have been in contact with each stone. The stone’s purposes are many and include reiki benefits as well as meditation and can also be used for art. Many people will use these rocks to make jewelry. Fralick herself was donning hair clips made of stone. 

Today, people have been collecting precious rocks from all over the world and creating art. “People love obviously how they look in their house but also people are looking for a connection to the earth in these times. And these are formed by Mother Earth, the one and only. So it’s an excellent collection and a good investment, too.” said Fralick. Fralick, who has always had a fascination with rocks, started the business from selling her own collection from rocks all over, including several from right here in Utah. Today, Fralick runs Psychedelic Rocks full time. Her husband is also involved in the business. Fralick gets rocks from all over the world and the US and feels strongly about supporting family owned business and local geology here in the Beehive State.  

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