Halloween-themed party drinks

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Keli Anderson from Pop Stop Sodas came to GTU today to show us fun, kids, Halloween-themed party drinks with easy-to-find ingredients!

The Candy Corn: Sprite with orange, vanilla and pineapple syrups, whipped cream and candy corn gummy on top. Just use 1 pump of the vanilla and pineapple syrup and then add the Sprite, whip cream, and fun Halloween toppings.

The Monster Mash: Sprite with strawberry puree, raspberry and blackberry syrups, whipped cream and monster teeth gummies on top. 1 Pump of the raspberry and blackberry syrups, strawberry puree the sides, add the Sprite, and top with whipped cream and monster teeth gummies with more strawberry puree.

The Graveyard: Root Beer with vanilla syrup, whipped cream, oreo cookie pieces, gummy worms and a gummy skull on top. Add 1 pump of vanilla, add rootbeer, add whipped cream with some oreo cookie crumbles, gummy worms and a gummy skull.

Pop Stop Sodas has sodas, flavored lemonades, cookies, rice krispy treats, and more. Keli says their most popular drink is a must-try! It’s called the Dragon Navard and is made with vanilla, raspberry, and half-half.

Pop Stop Sodas is giving our viewers a special offer! Mention that you saw them on GTU and you will get half off any drink at their store in North Ogden (325 E. 2000 N. #2, North Ogden, UT).

Check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook to see more delicious drinks and treats!

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