It’s the hosts favorite game on the show! On this special Halloween edition of “What’s in the Box”, it was all body part inspired. Deena Marie Manzanares as Gwen Stefani started the segment feeling a box of string cheese wrapped in lunchmeat molded to feel like human fingers. Manzanares described it as “slimey” and guessed it.

Brianne Johnson as Britney Spears felt a box with cornstarch with water that was colored red to resemble blood. Johnson guessed it early on. After Johnson, Surae Chinn AKA Dolly Parton felt a bowl of marshmallows coated in a slimey liquid of cornstarch and water meant to be “eyeballs.” The segment ended with Nicea DeGering as Katy Perry feeling a bowl of pumpkin “guts”, which she guessed correctly.