The company that is making hydration more fun! Kinkade Wildman joined us on GTU to talk about how Infuze helps their customers increase their water intake by 2-3 times through their flavoring technology.

People who struggle with the boring taste of water finally have a solution as Infuze lids allow you to add any liquid flavoring into the flavor tank — Mio, Crystal Light, Lemon Juice, KoolAid or Infuze specialty flavors — inside the lid of your water bottle. You can choose the intensity of the flavor and turn it off if you want to drink your water flavorless again. Infuze gives buyers the option of buying an entire Infuze water bottle or just purchasing the lid. Infuze’s lid fits onto most standard wide-mouth water bottles, so you can add this to your favorite one!

The founder used to put flavor into his hydration bladder and it resulted in mold, so five years ago he found a way to have flavored water or regular water without damaging your bottle. The company officially launched and has been manufacturing and producing in Logan, Utah ever since.

Infuze is currently offering a 30% off promo for the holiday season and you can purchase their products on their website. Also, take a look at their savvy Instagram and TikTok.