Why is America experiencing a drought in the bedroom?

GTU Table Talk

– On Good Things Utah today – Couples across the country are experiencing a sexual drought. When researchers looked at long lasting relationships they were surprised by the reasons that many couples said intimacy just wasn’t happening. Plus, the dad who said he ‘shouldn’t have to get up with his twin babies in the middle of the night’ is taking heat on social media. (we aren’t surprised) And we weigh in! Also, it’s a new trend for new moms. Would you put on makeup and do a photo shoot right after your baby’s birth? And while we’re asking questions – how much cash would get you to give up your best friend? This is where Nicea and Reagan get all emotional – you have to tune in to Good Things Utah to see this…

And, we’re wishing our proudcer McCall Gray the happiest birthday today, April 11!

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