You can hold 5 rare reptiles you’ve probably never seen in person at the Utah State Fair

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(GTU) – Good Things Utah was on the road for the kick-off of the Utah State Fair. The whole crew got in on the fair festivities. It’s Utah’s biggest and longest-running event and there are so many cool things to see and do. All of your fair favorites are at the Utah Fair Grounds. Besides the exciting rides, world-class entertainment, and tantalizing food, this year the fair brought along some rare reptiles from around the globe. It’s bound to be a ‘FUNTASTIC’ time.

This year the Fair invited a touring museum full of scaly lizards and slimy snakes. The Wild Thing at the Utah State Fair is a museum on wheels that normally travels throughout Arizona state, setting up at children’s schools, food truck festivals, and other events to offer a unique experience to kids and adults alike. Over the next week, however, the Wild Thing is going to be firmly planted at the Utah State Fair!

Here are five of the animals you might get to see when you visit the Utah State Fair:

The Wild Thing is a luxury touring coach that acts as a happy home to more than 100 fascinating animals, including various snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, scorpions, tarantulas, stingrays, millipedes, fish, crabs, and much more. Guests to the bus will learn about different creatures and get to see them face to face. Go and see the Wild Thing bus at The Utah State Fair.

The fair has over 150 years of history celebrating Utah and its agricultural roots. Join the fun on the 65 acres of wonder and awe. This year, the Utah State Fair will be held September 9-19, 2021. Buy your tickets here or enter for your chance to win them at

Learn more about the Wild Thing on their website.

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