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(Good Things Utah) – Many doctors and scientific specialists support a special, yet simple product that is changing how our bodies heal. With over 3,000 doctors educating their patients about Antioxidant Water and recommending it to them as a therapeutic benefit, it’s hard not to pay attention.

Dr. Jessica Herzog, a Consultant with Synergy Science was joined by Janeen Golightly to uncover the benefits of this revolutionary product.

Synergy Science products are designed to give up to triple the normal amount of therapeutic hydrogen to the body. More hydrogen in your water means better health. Their water has stood the strenuous tests of science, and proven again and again its overwhelming ability to enhance someone’s health.

There are nearly 1,000 studies on hydrogen, 150 of which are actual human disease model studies. All of these studies back up the science of hydrogen and its therapeutic role in the body. The company has not paid for a single one to be made. All of the studies have been created from third-party funding. Studies have concluded that there are many benefits.

Benefits Include:

  • Aging/Longevity
  • Brain
  • Energy
  • Organ Health (Heart)
  • Inflammation/Pain
  • Skin/Hair
  • Eyes

Synergy Science has over 20 different patents on their hydrogen water machines, which are designed to give you the most advanced technology. The technology is designed to always provide you with the highest possible molecular hydrogen.

The company also prides itself on providing, through your machine, nine platinum-covered electrodes with five layers of platinum. This is nearly double the largest competitor’s electrode and layer count.

Synergy Science’s mission is to show, through scientific evidence, that anyone can heal their own body with hydrogen and better health habits. Antioxidant Water improves everything you care about: heart, brain, gut while giving you more energy and younger-looking skin.

Stop waiting, get an Echo Antioxidant Water Machine and start enjoying your life again. Visit Synergy Science now.

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