When installed by a professional remodeler, a high-quality stone countertop is one of the most low-maintenance materials you can install in your kitchen. But this doesn’t mean you can neglect taking proper care of it. Most stone countertops are porous, meaning when you spill a substance on an unsealed countertop—and don’t wipe it right away—that substance can seep into the stone’s pores and create a long-lasting stain. It then becomes next to impossible to remove the stain. So how do you protect your countertops long-term?

There is no stone that completely repels moisture or is stain proof, which is why sealing your countertops is very important. A high-quality countertop sealer is designed to prevent staining and etching that can occur when a liquid is left on a stone countertop for an extended period. Komosus Counters, a Utah-based stone countertop care company, says that every homeowner who has stone countertops should have them sealed once every 3 years.

Although most stone countertops are made with the toughest materials around, you still need to understand how to take care of them to make sure the luster and beauty stay with it for as long as possible. Sealing your countertops is a great way to protect your investment from outside elements that can damage the surface. However, sealing must be performed periodically as everyday activities can wear away the seal. Thankfully, along with a scheduled appointment, where professional cleaners from Komosus Counters clean, seal, and polish your stone countertops, by mentioning this article you will also receive a FREE bottle of Stone Daily Cleaner that will make routine maintenance a breeze.

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