Workouts you’ve never tried at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

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When you think about the zoo usually you think about the cute animals you’re going to see. However, you don’t stop to think about how far you walk during your visit. Fair warning, it’s usually a lot. You wouldn’t believe how many calories you can burn taking a stroll through the zoo. Erica Hansen from the Utah Hogle Zoo says, “people don’t realize the calorie burn that goes on here, especially for those moms with young kids.” 

If your chasing attractions around the zoo, or your kids, or if you’re pushing a stroller, getting your daily dose of exercise is pretty straightforward. Between 150-200 calories burned an hour pushing a stroller around Hogle Zoo, depending on the level of effort. Not many people would know, but It’s nearly a four-story elevation gain from the top to the bottom of the zoo. So skip the stair-stepper and come to the Hogle Zoo.

Robyn Stewart is a mom of 3 kids who visits the zoo frequently. She says she can lose 400 to 500 calories from a single morning spent at the zoo. Another zoo mom, Chelsie Dort brings her kids and a stroller to the zoo every week saying, “she definitely gets a sweat on.” Besides the opportunity to get easy exercise, Hogle Zoo has some events coming up you should be excited about.

Save the date for the Virtual Zoo Rendezvous. Thursday, September 10, 2020 is your chance to help the animals at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Go to Hogle Zoo to buy tickets or to find out more about the animals.

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