(Good Things Utah) Western North America is home to a wide variety of landscapes. From forests to mountains and deserts, there is no shortage of beautiful sights. For every traveler looking to explore the vast regions of our nation, Rocky Mountaineer in Utah has been a go-to luxury train service since it was established in 1990. Each passenger is treated to top-quality service, making the journey that much more enjoyable.

Through Rocky Mountaineer, passengers can join in a two-day journey exploring the majestic Rocky Mountains and showcasing some of the most spectacular scenery the nation has to offer. The train follows four rail routes that connect iconic destinations that consist of three long-standing routes in Western Canada and their newest route now open in Utah and Colorado.

Passengers can get closer looks at the beautiful landscapes of North America through the train’s wide glass-dome windows and viewing platform. Their comfort is a top priority as this train is fitted with cozy seats, filtration systems, complimentary snacks, beverages, and three-course meals served to passengers from the comfort of their seats. The journey to Red Rocks is two days long with the traveling during daylight hours, so passengers won’t miss a thing when navigating areas like Ruby Canyon, past Mount Garfield, or crossing the Continental Divide.

“We like to introduce people to the spectacular scenery,” says Chris Wood, the Train’s Manager. “It’s a natural extension of what we do in British Columbia — to come through the Colorado Rockies and end up in the beautiful red rocks of Moab.”

For more information about upcoming journeys and destinations, visit them online at RockyMountaineer.com.

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