(GTU) – Windows play a hugely important role in safeguarding your home from the elements. But many people don’t know that they are also one of the main features in the home for regulating temperature. That means choosing the right set of windows is critical for homeowners who live in Utah.

Utah experiences a big temperature shift as it transitions from summer to winter meaning your home deals with extreme hots and frigid lows. While some windows are better at keeping you warm, others excel at keeping you cool. At Fieldstone Homes, while acknowledging that finding the perfect mix of performance, appearance, and value is key in any home, their first priority is making sure the windows they use are effective and efficient all year long.

Kimball Bird from Amsco Windows, the largest window manufacturer in the state and one of the most prominent in the country and partner of Fieldstone Homes, gave the 5 major things to consider in your window design when buying or building a new home.

1. Make sure the windows have a high thermal efficiency

Windows made by Amsco Windows have extremely high thermal efficiency. Their artisan windows are engineered from 70mm wide to maximize thermal performance. They also ensure optimum energy efficiency as they are designed with vertical chambers around the frame.

2. Go with classic white windows. Or, if you want to mix it up, colors are popular too

White windows are a staple that never seems to go out of style. There is still demand the fresh look of white windows to achieve a softer look than black windows. AMSCO Windows and Builder’s First Source also offer various colors including green and red.

3. Focus on having more windows in the kitchen and living room

Make your living room and kitchen appear brighter and feel larger is easy if you put windows in the right place. Windows also help keep your family more comfortable in both the summer and winter months. Choose the right place carefully! Windows are all about comfort and soft flowing natural light is a must in any communal space. Windows let in the fresh air too.

4. See if they come with a lifetime warranty.

Older homes sometimes have too few windows and oftentimes they are in bad shape. Replacement can cost a fortune and adding new spots for windows is usually a huge chore. When it comes to new homes, windows are one of the standout differences. New homes come with new windows and that means a lifetime warranty. Fieldstone homes and their partners have a lifetime warranty on their windows.

5. Are they Utah specific windows?

Amsco Windows uses windows that are purpose-built for Utah’s climate. The company is on the leading edge in the industry for windows including popular trends featured in Fieldstone Homes and on display at the showroom by Builders First Source.

The architecture of Fieldstone Homes includes more windows than ever before. Homebuyers are loving it!

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